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About Miyako

Who are we?

Japanologe Renee Pumps and food technologist Bob Hamaker are the founders of the store Miyako Sushi & Tea. We joined more than 30 years of experience in importing food and accessories from Asia. Together with our Japanese operation, we share our passion for tea with our customers in the Miyako store .

Miyako Sushi & Tea Why?

The Dutch love of tea, and the increasingly looking for quality and authenticity of products. That is exactly what Miyako Sushi & Tea offers. We want a piece of Japan in the Netherlands. Miyako Sushi & Tea is inspired by Japanese tea houses. Here's a peace of a small cup of tea and cuisine. The tea is prepared in authentic Japanese style, and served in the original Japanese porcelain or stoneware.

Tea at Miyako is 100% natural, and fairly and responsibly produced without coloring, or flavoring. Drinking tea becomes an experience to remember.

What makes Miyako Sushi & Tea?

The shop of Miyako Sushi & Tea as the sole authentic Japanese tea house products and fresh sushi is unique in the Netherlands. We are specialists in the Netherlands in the field of Japanese tea. We take the time to advise you about tea, sake, sushi and our other products.