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‘Irasshaimase’ (welcome)

‘Irasshaimase’ (welcome)

bij Miyako Tea & Sushi, the authentic taste of Japan!

Miyako Sushi & Tea is the specialist in the Netherlands in the field of real Japanese tea. Pure, single estate teas, tea directly imported from various regions of Japan. Miyako Sushi & Tea also has the best sushi and other snacks such as yakitori, grilled kipspiesjes with Japanese sauce. Take, or spot to eat with a fresh cup of tea. Also found in the shop the beautiful teapots ZERO JAPAN (www.zerojapan.eu) and all sorts of beautiful tea accessories and gifts.


A busy day, time for a moment for yourself. Or just enjoying a cup of genuine Japanese tea, with some sushi or something sweet with it. You discover that green tea and sushi are a perfect combination. In any sushi or sushi restaurant in Japan is green tea served in sushi.



Miyako Tea & Sushi
Gedempte Oude Gracht 21
2011 GK Haarlem


Openings hours:
di – vr      :              11:00 – 19:00
za             :              10:00 – 18:00